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    Wedding Registry Essentials-for Outdoorsy Couples!

    1. Duo Loveseat Camp Chair

    My husband and I were gifted this at our Wedding and we LOVE it!

    2. Double Hammock!

    This is a staple to keep date nights alive and well! Need a free date idea? Hike and cuddle in your Hammock!

    3. 2 person Tent!

    We have this exact tent in blue and love it! We haven’t taken it camping outside yet, but have camped out in the living room several times haha!

    4. Inflatable Kayak!

    My husband added this to our registry and I thought he was CRAZY! Looking back this is one of the most fun things we got! Such good quality too, we’ve taken it to the lake, rafting down the river a few times and it’s still in great shape!

    5. Roasting Sticks

    How cute would this be paired with a package of Graham Crackers, Chocolate and Marshmallows! Yes Please!

    6. Sleeping Bag (x2)

    One for Him, One for Her! Something Mr. and Mrs. won’t want to forget on their next trip!

    7. Sleeping Pads (x2)

    One for the Bride, one for the Groom!

    8. Emergency Camping Kit

    This kit includes all of the things that you need to have on hand while camping! Such a great deal too!

    9. Lanterns

    Can’t go wrong with lanterns!

    10. Camping Tarp

    This is the one thing we wish we would have gotten to go with our tent! It’s useful and not everyone will think to buy one.