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Born to be an Entrepreneur!

I think I was born to be a creator and an entrepreneur!

Growing up, I remember doing anything I could to make money! I would scrub baseboards to save up money to buy an American Girl Doll. I would make cupcakes and lemonade creating a daily lemonade stand to run during the summertime! At age 10, I even started making hairbows to sell to my neighbors and at our local craft fairs. At age 15 I started a piano teaching business that I ran until I was 2 years old. Business was something that I just loved to do-I love creating and I love goal setting so the both go together well!

Some of my cute piano students at a group Christmas lesson!

Flash forward to now: I am a 22 year old with a college degree, full time job, and two side hustle businesses that are a full time job in and of themselves!

I started my photography business in May of 2020-after getting thirsty for some sort of creative growth during the beginning of the pandemic. I went all out and invested in a $2500 camera, took online courses and ran with it! I have learned so much since then and have loved every moment!

Last year, I was able to start working as a Social Media Manager for @glutenfreewithcoral! Now, in 2022 I have two more Social Media clients and am running a full on Virtual Assistant business! As a Social Media Manager I take over social media platforms and create content plans for the business owner! I don’t replace them at all-but I give them prompts and I go in and do all of the captions, editing, work, and reel creation! It’s WILD and it’s so much fun! I officially created this legal business this month. You can follow me on Instagram @heyallyglover!

So… why am I sharing this now?

Well, all of these things fuel me! They make me so excited about life and I love sharing the things in life that I am passionate about. I want to be open about what I love and what brings me joy!

My businesses are a huge part of my life! I dedicate all my time outside of my 9-5 job towards growing my business and making extra income for my family.

I would love to keep sharing my business tips on here and hopefully inspire other creators and entrepreneurs to invest in themselves and start that side hustle! Try new things and make money doing things that you love to do!

What business related content would you like to see from me?

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