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Being married to your best friend is hands down the best thing ever! I have loved and cherished (almost) every single moment of it! 😉 To celebrate the completion of our first year together I’m going to go over some of the top memories I have!

Buying a house together!

Boy-what a journey it was to buy a house in 2021. The market has been SO crazy! We spent months looking for the perfect house. We were even under contract for a different house at one point-until we learned that it was an undisclosed meth house… SO GLAD we dodged that bullet. Our patience and searching finally paid off in June and we now have the most beautiful house to start our lives together! I feel so grateful to be in a good enough financial position for us to buy a house. So blessed!

“Moneymoon to Florida!”

After our wedding in January, we both had to go back to work and school the following Monday-so we went and stayed at a nearby hotel for the weekend. The in May, we went on our “Moneymoon”-Drew called it that because we spent way to much money! Haha! For this more official honeymoon we went to Florida to visit my mission in Jacksonville, and go to Disneyworld! It was so much fun! We spent two days in Disneyworld, went to the several different beaches, visited my Mission President and wife-the Woods, spent a day in St. Augustine, saw alligators, and relaxed! It was the most joyous time and I’ve never seen anyone more happy than when Drew is at the beach haha! Seriously debating about getting a beach-house in FL someday!

Our first trip to Disneyland together!

My mom and I were supposed to go to Disneyland in March of 2020-back when the world shut down due to Covid-19. Since we still had tickets that needed to be used by the end of this year, and I have gained a plus one-Drew and my brother Jensen came with us! This was Drew’s first time to Disneyland EVER! & I have definitely created a new Disneyland lover! So happy that I married a man who loves Disney as much as I do! He already wants to go back again!

Never having to leave you!

One of the best things about being married is that you get to come home to each other EVERY day! No more driving back home to our parents home every night. No mores nights without you. You are simply mine all the time (Except when we work of course! It’s the absolute best to wake up to each other each morning-and get to end our day together too! I have slept so much better having Drew by my side all night. It really is such a blessing to live with Drew in so many ways!

Decorating for Halloween!

October is Drew’s birth month-which also means that he is obsessed with Halloween! We started decorating for Halloween at the beginning of October, and I have never seen anyone more excited for Halloween in my life! Our whole house was decked out in bats, cats, and spider webs haha! Drew even bought a life sized plastic skeleton-who we named Skelly! We had a lot of fun hiding Skelly in different places throughout the month! See pics below! I think we started some fun traditions that we will want to keep around forever.

My Endoscopy

Surgery usually isn’t that fun-right? NOPE! But this one was actually life changing. I was fortunate enough to have my husband be able to take the day off to assist me before and after the surgery as well! During this surgery, the doctor rechecked me for Celiac Disease. I do NOT have celiac disease so I have been able to eat Gluten again! Drew was overjoyed. Although I still struggle with IBS symptoms, I have been able to get a lot of them under control with lifestyle changes and medication. It was also fun to look back at the videos of me loopy after the procedure! I was crazy wild!

Weekend Trip to SLC!

In August/September both Drew and I were fortunate to find higher paying jobs-with better schedules too! I went from working as a Loan Officer to working as Loan Auditor-which is a lot less stressful! Drew is now the Clinical Research Assistant for the Heredigene study at the hospital up here. To celebrate our new jobs, and the fact we had a 4 day weekend, we took a trip to SLC! We spent the day at the zoo, family history museum, temple square, the Clark Planetarium, and had lots of fun at our hotel pool! It was honestly so fun to celebrate our accomplishments and have a care-free weekend together!

Temple Tuesdays!

When the temples opened back up this year, we decided to start going weekly! Between the two of us, we can book 6 trips at a time, so we go almost every Tuesday to do some kind of ordinance for our ancestors. It has been such a beautiful tradition to hold! I treasure the moments that we spend together in the temple so much! I also make Drew and I take a selfie every time we go-which I will feature below!

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